The Jayden Project

DB Fort - 10/9/2022


There is a gentleman I served with that could use some help.  Let me tell you about Joshua Thornton.  Thirteen years ago, Josh was a member of the Colorado Air National Guard and a first responder in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  He is married to a great woman named Sarah, and she was pregnant with their first child.  Tragedy struck, and their first child was born prematurely.  Sarah gave birth to a son named Jayden.  Jayden had to be flown down to Children’s Hospital here in Denver due to how premature he was born. 


Fast forward 13 years to today.  Jayden is now thirteen and has blessed their lives in so many ways.  Those blessings have not been without their challenges.  Josh moved his family down to Aurora Colorado and became a full-time member of the CO Air National Guard to better provide for his family.  The challenge now is that Jayden uses a wheelchair and needs a bathroom where he can function in by himself.  They were working with a contractor that allegedly specialized in making the required modifications and working with insurance companies to get the project covered.  This company has stopped communicating with the Thornton family. 


The Thorntons started a GoFundMe account to ask for help, but that has stalled.  I reached out to Josh to see if they would accept the Post’s help.  He graciously accepted.  I drafted a letter to Lowe’s to see if they would be willing to donate the materials required to the Post; we would turn the materials over to the Thorntons while helping to raise money to pay for the labor for the project.  We have not heard back from Lowe’s yet. 


I also learned from Josh that the insurance provider for military members has stopped covering vehicle modifications for wheelchairs.  When I talked with Josh, I reminded him that we have both been civilian first responders, and in that role, we have been miracles for so many people in their greatest hour of need.  But when we needed a miracle, people tend to forget about us.  We hope you will be willing to help be a part of a miracle for the Thornton family. 


You can contribute directly to the Thorntons with this GoFundMe link:




If you want to contribute to our Jayden Project to help them, click the link below (we will cover the card processing fee cost so they will get the full amount of your donation):


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